Interview with Tee Smith

March 3, 2018

Tee Smith is an Australian author, who lives on a farm with her husband, four teenagers and a host of animals, including two donkeys.


To the interview...


ME: What is your favorite childhood book?

TEE: The lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. C.S. Lewis


ME: What is the first book that made you cry?

TEE: I can’t honestly recall.


ME: Is writing your primary 'job' or do you have another source of income?

TEE: I wish I could write for a living, alas, I also work as a nurse at a doctors’ surgery during the day.


ME: Do people around you know you write romance/erotica and what do they think about it? 

TEE: Most people I know, know I write and a lot of my friends/ family/ work colleagues have read all of my books.


ME: Do you believe in writer’s block? If not why not? And if so what suggestions do you have to start the juices flowing again.

TEE: I wouldn’t say I believe in writer’s block, but that’s not to say it doesn’t exist. For me, I tend to run into a wall, when I have too many other things going on in life. I usually find, taking a long drive or even just a break in general, will get my ideas going again.


ME: Let's talk about your process now. Are you a plotter or fly by the seat of your pants kind of writer?

TEE: I tend to start with a vague plot. I usually have an idea of where I want to start and when I want to finish up. Sometimes the characters change things up from what I anticipate through the story.


ME: What kind of research do you do, and how long do you spend researching before beginning a book?

TEE: I tend to research on an as-needs basis.


ME: Would you rather write standalones, standalones with connections to your other works, or multi book series with no true conclusion until the very end?

TEE: I like to write standalones with connections to other works.


ME: Where do your story ideas come from?

TEE: Story ideas come from everywhere. I feel every story has an element of truth, sometimes the truth can be in the form of the actual storyline, sometimes it’s more based on the character’s personality.


ME: Do you ever base your characters, events or locations on real people, events or places?

TEE: As the previous question. Yes. Whilst all characters are fictional, they all have an element of either myself or someone I know. Events are often generally fictional and I tend to use fictional locations, as I don’t feel I could do a real location justice.


ME: Is there a character in one of your books loosely based off yourself?

TEE: Yes, mostly Asha from Collecting Scars as she is a nurse. Also, Vera from Elegant Deception, as she lives through some similar experiences as me.


ME: What process do you use for selecting the names of your characters?

TEE: Generally my characters start out as being called X. Or they have a name and it just doesn’t suit them. I rarely keep the same name for a character that they start with.


ME: Who has been your most difficult character to write so far?

TEE: Surprisingly probably Sienna from Elegant Betrayal. Her character is very complex, as she is a hit-woman, but she is not as hard as one would expect.


ME: Have you ever killed off someone who pissed you off in one of your books?

TEE: Definitely.


ME: Oh, now we are all wondering who that is...What was your hardest scene to write?

TEE: To be honest, I hate writing sex scenes.


ME: Hmm, I've heard that before. Does writing energize or exhaust you, and why?

TEE: I feel writing soothes me. I have always written and if I go long without being able too, I tend to get anxious.


ME: As a writer, what would you choose as your mascot/avatar/spirit animal, and why?



ME: Now for a little advice to the aspiring authors out there. If you could tell your younger writing self anything, what would it be?

TEE: You’ve got this thing. You will find the time. Just start now.


ME: What are common traps for aspiring writers?

TEE: Thinking too much. Expecting too much and not writing enough.


ME:What was the best money you ever spent as a writer?

TEE: My MacBook Pro, I love it!!


ME: Thanks for your time, Tee. We look forward to seeing you at RTC2018.

TEE: Thank you for the opportunity to answer these questions :)

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